my works and my design of papercraft


Cat x kshatriya

this is my recent design after a long long time. inspired by nusniper and flookz of play fc, i decided to make this one. this one is a kshatriya version of cat papercraft from

just save from the pictures below (view it first, then download)

or the 2nd version, without glasses

a bit instructions

enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

logo Teladan 3D finished!!

this is the result of Logo Teladan 3D pattern that i posted some time ago

this one also has a revised pattern

download: here

Sleep Revenge So Cong Peng finished!!

this is the result of the pattern i posted before

any suggestion will be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

also, this is the link of the revised pattern, the previous one has a glitch on it

download: here

Sleep Revenge Series: So Cong Peng

in this post i would like to introduce you a new series of papertoy that i planned to make. this series is based on a comic written by my friend about 5 years ago (seriously). it contains us (me and my ex-classmates, as well as the writer). it is called “Sleep Revenge”. basically it is a story set some years after we’re in the same class. the story begin with me try to take revenge on my friend (yes, i am the main villain here -_______- ). actually in the past (in this comic of course), because of this friend of mine, i got scolded for falling asleep in the classrom, which i didn’t do. the teacher tought that i was sleeping because i had a small eyes, so it looked like i was sleeping. but, actually i am not. it turned out that this friend of mine (the comicus actually) was the one who made snoring noise in the classroom. i couldn’t take it and kept it for years. when the time comes, i seek revenge from him, who is now accompanied by other friends. will i succed? or will i got defeated? it’s all in this comic. (it hasn’t published yet after all :p)

well, that’s for the introduction part. now i would like to show the concept of my papercraft. the first one that i made is of course myself B-) took about three days to design it, again just using corel draw. it is finished and ready to print.

download: here

SD Gundam Virtue

gundam virtue is the mobile suit used by Tieria Erde in Gundam 00 series. it is heavily armored and have a GN Bazooka for a devastating attack. the pattern for this papercraft is made by Ramadhani aka cherrytwig2209 and hosted by

download: here

Tugu FEB v1.1.0

an improved version of tugu feb papercraft. correct the color and the shape of the bricks. havent upload the pattern yet.

Logo Teladan 3D

3D version of the logo ofย  SMAN 1 Yogyakarta

(havent build it yet, hopefully asap)

download: here

instruction: here

Barong and Rangda

barong is a mythological character in Balinese culture. it is the king of good spirits. i downloaded this awesmone papercraft from

download: here

rangda is the evil queen in Balinese myth. she likes to take away babies and infant. she is the enemy of barong. this one is also from

download: here

PEXA-01 “Artillery” (head) Prototype

This is the head part of my self-designed robot, PEXA-01 with codename: Artillery. this one is still a prototype though. still got many misses here and there, mainly on the face.

the design is quite simple because i just used Corel Draw to make it. well. i don’t master any 3D software that’s why -_____-

after all, by making this prototype, i can see my errors. hope the real thing is so much better because i won’t make anymore prototype of the head.

still quite excited about the full result ๐Ÿ™‚

Kuda Lumping

Kuda Lumping is a traditional dance from Central Java, Indonesia. sometimes the dancers got tranced and eat things like lightbulb or glasses. this one is from

download: here